Notes for Keeping a Routine

Lots of us are missing our normal routine during the Coronavirus lockdown. This might be an opportunity to do something different, or even change your lifestyle with regards diet and exercise.  However, with the length of time some of us might be self isolating it is important for your mental and physical health to follow a routine … even if it is a new one.



A routine is a balanced mix of activities. This may be a mix of work, hobbies, housework and social activities. A routine provides structure and meaning and can help you to make the most of your time and avoid anxiety. Familiar is often safe.   

To maintain a sense of security and familiarity, it might be useful to try to make your ‘new’ routine as similar as possible to your typical one.

How? If you normally go to bodypump class at 6pm - try to find an online class that fits your needs and do it at the same time.


set meals

Eat the same meals at the same times, drink familiar drinks, watch the same programmes.  It’s alright to feel less productive now and it’s okay to expect that your productivity may rise and fall, but you may still have deadlines or responsibilities that you need to keep to.



Here is a suggested structure for those of you working from home, but a structure is also important for those of you who are furloughed or retired. Divide your work/task into small chunks and focus on achieving each one.



Each small task will add up. Use a diary/calendar to start planning your time. Alternatively use a to-do list if you find you can’t stick to a daily schedule. Finish your day by making a list of everything that you’ll need to do the next day.



If you find yourself feeling anxious about anything on your to do list, remind yourself that you’ll have time to tackle it tomorrow. Don’t forget to take breaks, especially as you may not be moving as much as you did normally. Without breaks you will find it difficult to concentrate. Routine is good, but don’t forget to try new things and keep yourself entertained.

1) Keep a routine

Even though you might be out of your normal weekday routine, aim to wake up and go to bed at similar times each day, have set mealtimes, and exercise at similar times to usual. Unless you’re in quarantine, consider going for a quick walk to start your day and replicate your usual routine.