Houseplant parenting course

Would you like to learn more about how to look after your house plants? Learn how to pick the right plant, water it correctly, clean its leaves, and understand why leaves fall off. There are tips on repotting, growing from cuttings and making natural pesticides in these 16 bitesized videos, about 2 minutes each. Check it out at;

Baking bread

How lovely to be able to bake our own bread. This 28 minute class given by the acclaimed cook Julia Turshen takes us through ‘the one yeast dough you need to know’. Find it at: Skillshare is a great online community where creators and makers share their knowhow.

Beginner’s Spanish - food and drink

Beginner’s Spanish - food and drink

This site has several beginner courses but this link is great for a start, as it’s a bitesize 6 hours. It focuses on teaching you practical language skills around buying and ordering food and drink, as well as basic food/drink related vocabulary. 

Check it out here: open/edu/openlearn

Beginner’s French

If you fancy brushing up on your school level French, try this site. It’s quite lengthy, at 15 hours, but will equip you to navigate your way around a French town. Learn how to book a hotel, ask for information about the local area and ask for directions

3) Prioritise self-care

Use any extra time to have a bath, cook a new recipe, meditate, practice a musical instrument, read a book, or anything you’ve wanted to do for a while!

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