Second Nature’s 5 top tips for self-isolation

If you’re well but socially distancing or isolating, follow these top tips to remain as positive and healthy as possible:


Take a look at the great things Second Nature do:

Even though you might be out of your normal weekday routine, aim to wake up and go to bed at similar times each day, have set mealtimes, and exercise at similar times to usual. Unless you’re in quarantine, consider going for a quick walk to start your day and replicate your usual routine.

1) Keep a routine

Calling and messaging friends and family helps us stay positive and get some form of social interaction.

2) Stay digitally connected

Use any extra time to have a bath, cook a new recipe, meditate, practice a musical instrument, read a book, or anything you’ve wanted to do for a while!

3) Prioritise self-care

Our physical and mental health are interlinked, so it’s important we provide our bodies with the vitamins and minerals it needs. Eating well also strengthens our immune system.

4) Eat a healthy, balanced diet

It’s important to do our daily exercise, whether it’s walking, jogging, cycling, or even gardening. Also try to keep moving throughout the day at intervals.

5) Keep moving

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