Safe guarding for Adults 

We thought it might be useful for you to have some guidance on what to do if you, or any of your volunteers, come across any adult safeguarding concerns and come to you for advice. 

 If a volunteer shares with you that they are feeling uncomfortable about something, and you want to read more about how volunteering should work, there is a really good and thorough resource here:

However, we don’t expect you, as captains, to deal directly with any issues such as those outlined below.  The resources listed are purely for information. We ask that you always discuss any issues with one of the main coordinators so that we can help to support each other in taking any necessary steps.

Some issues might be:

Domestic abuse. This is a very difficult area, but if a volunteer is worried for someone’s safety and shares this with you, here is a link to the national abuse helpline :

There is information about what abuse might look like at this web site:

Over-reliance on emotional support from a volunteer. If a friendly chat at a distance or over the phone is prolonged by the resident sufficiently to cause concern – the volunteer should flag this with you and then please share with a coordinator and we’ll take it from there.

Dependency needs. Helplines for drug and alcohol dependency are: drug helpline: 0114 272 1481

alcohol helpline: 0114 305 0500


Acute mental health issues. There are some useful resources to help people who are struggling with their mental health during this crisis period. Some useful websites are:

Under 18 Safeguarding Guidelines

The purpose of this policy statement is:  to protect children and young people who are supporting the work of Wheatley Support Group, a volunteer organisation set up in conjunction with the Wheatley Parish Council and Wheatley Area Churches to support the vulnerable and self isolating of Wheatley, Oxfordshire from harm. This includes the children of adults who provide our voluntary (non-paid).

At no time is any minor (under 18) allowed to:

  • have access to the members area of the website (

  • talk to captains or volunteers on their own

  • complete tasks as a volunteeer on their own.

It is the responsibility of the area captain, in conjunction with the parents of under 18 volunteers, to ensure that the above points are adhered to.  If there is any problem complying with this, the under 18 volunteer will no longer be able to support the Wheatley Support Group initiative.

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