Shopping, at the moment, has its own particular difficulties. We are therefore requesting that only basic necessities are purchased at any time – a basket full rather than a trolley if at all possible. 

Ideally we would like all self-isolating residents to order their large food shops online if they can, although we realise that for some that may not always be possible. According to ASDA the quietest time to shop is generally between 6.30 and 7pm although 9am also seems to be quiet following the early rush. We would recommend our volunteers try to fit in with these times so that social distancing measures are most effective. 

When it comes to paying for shopping, all volunteers need to pre-arrange how they and the resident will do this, whether it be cash in a bag on the doorstep, BACS transfer or cheque. If cash, please take care over cross-contamination by disinfecting or not touching it for 3 days. Please keep receipts for any shopping you have undertaken and pass these on to the resident concerned. 

If you have any questions, please contact your Area Captain who will be happy to help.


Whether dog walking, collecting medicines or shopping, you need to keep yourself safe at all times. Please always wash your hands before and after collecting/delivering to residents. You should wear protective gloves and possibly a mask (we are unable to provide these). 

When making a delivery/collection, please stand well back from the door after knocking/ringing. Leave any delivery on the doorstep and never enter a resident’s house.

General guidelines

General guidelines 

Please do your best to carry out the volunteering you say you’ll do; if you can’t keep an appointment, please give your area captain plenty of notice. Please let your area captain know when you have completed a request.

  • Tell your area captain if you’re worried about someone who you are helping. 

  • Don’t say yes to more volunteer work than you can manage, you can always offer more support later. 

  • Don’t carry out volunteering activities that make you feel uncomfortable. 

  • Do not accept payment of any kind from someone you help while volunteering (except money for shopping).

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help for you and your family. We are all here to support each other!