Area Captains

Rachel Byerley


Roads covered

Littleworth Road

Barlow Close

Kiln Lane

Westfield Road

Blenheim Lane

Rosie Wait


Roads covered


Coopers Close

Littleworth Park

Grace Olney

Roads covered

High Street

Bell Lane

Arthur Munro Faure

Roads covered

Ambrose Rise

Leyshon Road

Miller Road,

Cullum Road

Emily Marshall

Roads covered

Roman Road

Hilary Way

Elton Crescent

Carmen Coxon

Roads covered

Templars Close

Church Road from Holloway to Kiln lane

Holloway Road

Park Hill

James Walton


Roads covered

London Road from R/A to R/A

Ochre Close

Breame Oak Drive

The Glebe

St. Mary's Close

Emma & Matt Cox

07723733797 / 07881341336

Roads covered

Old Road

Kelly's Road


Keydale Road

Claire Phillips


Roads covered

Station Road

Farm Close Road

Simon's Close

Howe Close

Wren Close

Ailsa Tremaine


Roads covered

Mulberry Drive

Farm Close Lane

Crown Road (to Jackie's Lane)

Beech rd 23-FC RD

Benjamin Thatcher


Roads covered

Ladder Hill

Windmill Lane

Kelham Hall Drive

Kimber Close

Tony Barry


Roads covered

1-23 Beech Road

Orchard Close

Jackie's Lane

Elm Close

Cyril Newton

Roads covered

church Road up to Holloway Road

Gardiner Close,

Friday Lane

Anson Close

Val Wolstenholme


Roads covered

London Road to R/A at Kings Arms,

Old London Road

Biscoe Court

Tyndale Place

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