Welcome to the Wheatley Support Group website

Welcome to the Wheatley Support Group website

Wheatley support

"We are here to help as best we can during a very difficult time - and are supported by a wonderful legion of volunteers across the village.  You will find here basic information, which will be added to gradually.


There is a wide range of good practice out there already - well done WhatsApp groups, church support groups and just being a good neighbour.   Please keep doing these good deeds - this ensures that the support group volunteers aren't overwhelmed and we can concentrate on the most vulnerable."


Most important - stay safe, stay inside, stay positive.


                                                                                 Hilary, Val and Deb

What we are doing

A support initiative has been set up to help vulnerable people during the Coronavirus crisis.


The main coordinators are residents of the village, who have kindly offered to help set this up on behalf of the Parish Council and Wheatley Area Churches. They are: Hilary Churchley, Deborah Bale, Adam Churchley and Val Edson.


This is a huge logistical task and issues may arise but if we all work together and support each other, it will work effectively.


We have set up a 3 tier system:  4 main coordinators   14 area captains 80+ volunteers


The village has been split geographically into 14 areas, each with an area captain. Each captain has a list of 6 or more volunteers to assist residents with a range of needs. 


Leaflets have been delivered to every household with the name and contact details of their area captain. If a resident needs help, they contact their area captain, who will arrange for one of their volunteers to assist them.  If you have not had a leaflet, please contact one of the coordinators using the contact page.


If you already have sufficient support from neighbours (WhatsApp Groups) and family, please continue to use them whenever possible, so our volunteers don’t become swamped with requests.


There are a number of tasks we can carry out for you such as basic shopping, collecting prescriptions, a friendly chat over the phone, or walking your dog. 


If you can, please order large monthly shops on-line, as our volunteers’ safety is a prime concern and the less time they spend in supermarkets, the better. Having said that, we recognise that doing so can be difficult at the moment or you may not have access to the internet so we deal with each request on a personal basis. 

All our volunteers have access to gloves to ensure the best possible hygiene for your shopping deliveries. Payment for shopping is to be negotiated between yourself and the volunteer. 


We are not here to pick up a daily newspaper as this puts our volunteers at too much risk for a non-essential item. Many of our area captains are still working from home and are busy with their own work so please everyone be patient. If you do not get a response from your area captain within a reasonable amount of time, please get in touch with one of the central co-ordinators and they will help you.

If you need assistance or know someone who does please complete this form

Add details  of the person in need of assistance and we will forward this to the relevant area captain who will contact you shortly to arrange assistance.

IMPORTANT If you are an area captain, please use the members area support request as this will go directly to you. 

Your request has been submitted